While I worked a few days in there, the past two weeks were mostly vacation time visiting my in-laws.

They live up in northeastern Pennsylvania, where it was nice and cool. A big relief from the hot temperatures most of the country has been experiencing.

Before shooting up there, though, we had a little time in Philadelphia. My wife was visiting with a friend, so I took the opportunity to visit the Museum of the American Revolution.

Map depicting the path of battles of the American Revolution

I learned a lot of details about the revolution I wasn't aware of. The most interesting parts for me were seeing the artifacts, which included George Washington's command tent, which was in amazing condition.

Julius joined us on our trip

Once we got to my in-laws we did a number of things, including visiting Bushkill Falls and Knoebel's Amusement Park.

The main falls at Bushkill Falls

Also got to see an impressive fireworks display related to a local community event and get in a round of miniature golf.

Miniature golf course


  • They Cloned Tyrone is currently on Netflix. I enjoyed it, although felt a bit long during the middle.
  • Cocaine Bear had be laughing out loud a few times. Dumb film, but it knows what it is and embraces it fully. Lot of fun.
  • Red Notice is also on Netflix. Didn't care too much for the ending, but was okay.
Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx in Collateral
  • Collateral (2004) is a Micheal Mann film I've been wanting to see for a long time. Really liked this one. Love how the tension slowly ramps up on it.
  • Jules is about an older guy whose mind is slipping. And then an alien crash lands in his backyard. So everyone thinks he's off his rocker anyway, although he's telling them the truth. ┬áThe premise sounds better than the actual film itself, which is more about Ben Kingsley's character and his relationship to his family and neighbors.