After a nice wind-down this week at work, I'm getting ready to head off to Utah for a road trip across the Mighty 5. My next post will be a lot of photos from this trip which is why I wanted to get this update out before going so it will be focused exclusively on that trip.

At work, I had some half-day training for most of the week. That left me without much to do other than tie up a few projects so I could have an easier time getting back to work when I get back.


  • Prey is a new film from the Predator series which goes back to when the very first Predator alien visited our planet to see what the hunting was like. This was during the time when the Comanche were at their peak, and I'm not sure he was expecting the formidable warriors he encountered. A really fun movie that I will very likely watch again soon. Had a blast with this one.
  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On was truly a surprise. Marcel has been separated from most of his community, with only his grandmother to look after. After he gains popularity through an online video, he goes on a search to find the family he lost. Really heartfelt and funny film. Highly recommended.
  • Bullet Train was a blast. Literally. Really fun. Reminded me of my favorite Guy Ritchie films.
  • The Gray Man was yet another good flick with a decent amount of action.

Reelhouse Foundation Films

Was only able to catch a single film since last time since I missed a week.

  • Brick (2005) was a slick film that feels like an old Humphrey Bogart film rather than the high school murder mystery that it is. I'd seen this a while back and it holds up.

Get on Board

Get on Board

Having fun so far with this roll & write game. Definitely see myself playing this again. Love the artwork.