Fall. One thing you miss in Texas is an actual fall season with leaves changing color. It seems like most of the trees here are either evergreen or just drop their leaves.


For the second time since COVID made us shut-ins, a lot of our developers met again for a gathering at our HQ outside of Philadelphia. This week was another to help out Ruby for Good, an organization which helps connect non-profits with developers.

Wolfie is helping me with some code


  • The Paper Tigers are the three kids all-grown-up now and out of shape getting together when their kung-fu master is killed. Not bad. You'd like it if you like the Cobra Kai series.
  • FP2: Beats of Rage is the sequel to the awesomely fun The FP. This one feels a bit more like it exists in an apocalyptic time when town may just die if they run out of booze. Still fun, but if you didn't like the first one, you're sure not to like this one.
FP3: Escape from Bako
  • FP3: Escape from Bako debuted at FP Fest 2021 (see below). It basically amps things up to the next level. You're not going to want to come into this without having seen at least FP2. Time travel, space ships powered by Beat-Beat dance moves, and nothing but the fate of the world is at stake. This one brings other video games into the mix with its fighting styles. Again, a fun film made by people passionate about making them fueling those like me who are passionate about watching them.
  • The AGFA Horror Trailer Show isn't really a movie. Just an hour and a half worth of trailers for horror movies you've likely never heard off. Courtesy of the AGFA Secret Screening series that just started back up at The Alamo Drafthouse here in Dallas.
  • Malignant (2021) This starts out a bit ho-hum. Feels like a million other horror films. But then... Let's just say it turns around and is quite enjoyable.
  • No Time to Die is Daniel Craig's last James Bond film and it hits pretty much all the notes you want a Bond film to hit.
  • Dune (2021) Part 1... I'm a fan of David Lynch's Dune from the mid-80's and have listened to the audio book for Dune a few times. Visually, this film is amazing. Truly something that lends itself to a big screen experience. Script-wise, I think I have to see the film again to get a better opinion. I kind of felt it was a bit confusing for someone who couldn't fill in the blanks.

And now for my Monday evening Reel House movies.

  • You Got Served (2004) is 98% oh-my-god-this-is-awful with one, maybe two, dance scenes that were actually enjoyable.
  • Cat's Eye (1995) started off the month of October's horror film anthology films series. Barely recall seeing this when I was younger. Pretty fun overall.
  • Tales from the Hood (1995) The next anthology movie, a decently fun film.
  • Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990) has three pretty different tales more interesting because a young Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, Christian Slater, and Debbie Harry star in it.

FPFest 2021

Hard to believe an extremely low budget film like The FP has enough fans to warrant a festival, but here we are at the 2nd annual fest. An in-person event would just be a mind-blowing weekend long party, but this one was still virtual. Still a weekend long party.

It's hard to pinpoint any specific highlights because the weekend is just filled with them. Simply hanging out with the filmmakers and crew is awesome, but they brought a bit more.

First was seeing FP2: Beats of Rage in Hindi with English sub-titles from that Hindi translation which was definitely a new way to see a film.

Then there are the contests. Costume contests, re-enactment contests, art contests, and more. My favorite was the "Win Stanya's Heart" contest. Stanya being a character in The FP played by actor Sean Whalen who is quite a character.

Many contestants attempted to woo Stanya in a hilarious contest at FP Fest 2021

Stanya, I'm sure, would have taken them all on. All at once.

There was also a contest for who could make the biggest wizard stick over the entire event. Empty beer/bottles taped up to make a staff.

Wizard stick early on. The winner's was maybe 10x longer than this!

There really is nothing quite like this. I'm both excited and a little scared to see what would come of an in-person FP Fest.

Formula D

At the work event I mentioned, one evening we went to Thirsty Dice for board games! A few co-workers and I got into a game of Formula D which was pretty fun. I've played it before, but not for a pretty long time. Fun game, but better with over four players.

Formula D race starting out.