Halloween and election day are over and Xmas season is, once again, starting before Thanksgiving leaving it little room to breath. Stores started before Halloween stacking up the Xmas stuff in an urge to get folks to buy, buy, buy.

The election is over and Biden is now President Elect. While many folks are celebrating, Trump's still in charge until January 20, 2021. Things could get rocky until then.

Eisenhower State Park

My company gave all employees the day off for election day. Since my wife and I had already voted weeks earlier, we decided to take the day and visit Eisenhower State Park about an hour away from us up on Lake Texoma which sites between Texas and Oklahoma.

Other times of the year, it's a popular camping site, but the trails are great for hiking even if you're just there for the day.


  • Love and Monsters was a decently entertaining movie. My wife hates horror films, but the trailer for this one convinced her to watch it with me. While it does have monsters in it, it felt a little more like the ones from the old Harryhausen films like the Sinbad movies, and Jason and the Argonauts. Not so scary. More adventuresome.
  • The Severed Arm is a 1973 film. A group of men are trapped in a cave while spelunking. After a week or so they decide they need to eat someone's arm or they're going to start dying. So they draw straws and cut their friend's arm off to eat it just as they are rescued. Years later one of the two-armed buddies receives a severed arm in the mail and thus starts the revenge. A number of inventive ways of severing an arm follow.
  • Vampyres from 1974 follows two female vampires (or ghost vampires? I'm not sure) who seduce motorists passing by to stop in their haunted mansion for a little fun. Only it's not fun they'll be having.

Eldritch Horror Game Recap

Last time I had started a game of Eldritch Horror. I survived and was able to prevent the old one from waking up. This despite a number of setbacks which included all my characters being poisoned, stricken with all kinds of conditions like head injuries, paranoia and such, and weakened to a state where I was definitely at a disadvantage at percentages for successful die rolls.

While it felt great to win the game, it was short-lived. It dawned on me at the end that I'd been unintentionally cheating since I forgot that when you open a gate to another world in the game, you're also supposed to spawn a monster at the location. So I'll have to replay later and make sure to follow the rules.

Eldritch Horror rule that proved I didn't play by the rules.