GraphQL work is progressing. Still a lot of decisions to corral our team around to make. Outside of that it was mostly tying things up.

That's because next week I'm traveling up to HQ for our all-devs on hand meetup, which we do three times a year. As such, I don't anticipate too much activity outside of that event.


Wow. Saw a great flick at an early screening last night for the movie Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage. I can't say it's for everyone. My wife would give me a cold hard stare if I took her to see this. Hyper-violent. Hallucinogenic. Hypnotic.

Director Panos Cosmatos is someone I'm going to be following from now on. While I wasn't overly thrilled with his first feature, Beyond the Black Rainbow, it certainly had a unique feel. I'd describe it with almost the same terms I used for Mandy. It just felt drawn out and boring for large parts of the film. I may have to watch it again now.

Mandy, where Nicolas Cage goes into full-on maniacal rage mode

Mandy starts off a little slow but with this feeling of doom that's just around the corner. And when it comes, it's non-stop from there. Things just get wilder and wilder. It will definitely be towards the top of my favorite films of the year along with Revenge.

One thing I can say about both of Panos' films though is that the music is enveloping and incredible. The sound wraps around you and pulls you into the screen. As incredible as the visuals are, it seems he spends as much time making sure your ears are involved as well.


No games made it to my table this week. Not anticipating any activity next week, but you never know. Seems we've hired another gamer since our last meetup so chances are mildly better.