What happened to weeknotes for last week?

I missed last week because our department had our September gathering up at Power Home Remodeling's HQ in Philadelphia.

We have three of these a year. Septembers is focused on the internal team. Doing things that help our workflow.

One of our team members didn't make it that day, but was there in spirit.

We have fun, too. Watch movies, go bowling, play games. One evening we partnered with PhillyRB to pair with developers from around the area.

I was able to spend an extra day visiting a friend in the Philly area. I grew up in Texas, lived in Philadelphia for about twenty years then moved back to Texas. One of the things I do miss from my time up north are diners. They have places down here called diners, but they don't really match what you get up in the northeast.


In addition to catching up on things after being gone a week, I dove into fixing a problem I'm sure a lot of older applications have. Saving emoji characters in input. Mobile devices make it super easy now to put them in just about everywhere. And a lot of applications were never written knowing they'd be used like they are now.


Last week at our meeting, we saw A Quiet Place, which I saw earlier this year and like a lot. It was just as good the second time around.

Last night, my wife and I saw The House with a Clock in it's Walls. It started out okay, but a few joke things wore out their welcome in places. Creepy for a move aimed at young adults, but the poop jokes were aiming for an even lower age than that.


One game I take with me everywhere but don't play that often is Love Letter: Batman. Just a few cards and tokens. Played it with a few co-workers this past week.

A new game I played solo one night in my room was Tiny Epic Zombies.

You are in a mall, surrounded by an incoming zombie horde. You have three objectives you need to achieve in order to win the game. There are a lot of choices for objectives and a lot of player choices. If a player character dies, they become a zombie.

In my game I had to help guide some military units into the center area of the mall, retrieve some supplies scattered in various shops, and capture, rather than defeat a number of zombies. About halfway through the game I realized time was running out and barely squeezed out a win on the very last play of the game. There's an event deck and when it runs out, the game is over.