Monday being Labor Day, it was a day off of work!

As a kid, I always loathed the holiday with it coinciding with the school year. Today I loath it because stores are (or have already) gotten their Halloween, and sometimes Christmas, stuff out. At least in Texas, it's still 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Makes me want to take a baseball bat to those displays every time I see them.


Got my hands dirty with some coding this week. Which was fun considering all the planning/writing I've been doing otherwise to get our GraphQL agenda moving along. If you missed it, I added a short GraphQL post earlier today. A bit of writing this week which influenced the typewriter image at the top.

The end of next week is a deadline for some GraphQL stuff I haven't really started working on, so it has to be my priority.


As I mentioned last week, I saw Kin last Friday evening. Imagine if the Terminator came back with a gun and dropped it when he left and some kid found it. It was decent. Nothing to win any awards, but I was entertained.

Burt Reynolds passed away yesterday. I alway enjoyed his flicks. Makes me want to catch Smokey and the Bandit again as his character from that film is how I always envision him. Deliverance is, by far, the best film he was in.

Mansions of Madness Second Edition

I completed the scenario. When the dinner bell rang, the lights suddenly went out in the house forcing me to stumble around to locate the basement to fix the fuse box.

A puzzle in the form of rewiring the connectors got the lights back on. This revealed the body of our murdered host! I had to speak to the guests again to try to untangle whodunnit.

It was down to two primary suspects. I had to guess. And guessed wrong.

The ghost of our host appeared, quite peeved that I accused the wrong person and manifested to attack in his rage. It took a number of rounds, and drove a few of my characters a tad insane, but I was able to defeat him and put his soul to rest.

Unfortunately, he didn't reveal who his true killer was.

This doesn't bode well for someone. Me vs. the ghost on the right.
Top photo credit: unsplash-logoPatrick Fore