It's been a few weeks. Mostly because I was away on a holiday, so I've got a bit to cover.


  • Avengers: Endgame for me was enjoyable, but I liked the preceding movie a bit more.
  • Long Shot was better than I expected it to be. The best thing I can say about it is that it had me smiling or laughing pretty much the entire way through.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

It's been a few years since I was at this, and I can't say it's changed too much year over year.

Peanut joined us at the Renaissance Festival!

The best thing about them to me is the people who float around in character. During the parade, one of them saw Peanut and had to touch him!

"Can I touch it?", she asked.

Peanut especially enjoyed the band with the Scottish drums and bagpipes!

Peanut enjoying the show.

Texas Hill Country

The week after the trip, we visited Marble Falls in the Texas Hill Country. It's an area of Texas to the west of Austin where the Colorado River and others flow though. The area is quite hilly (large parts of Texas are not) and there are lots of swimming holes, caverns and wineries to explore.

One of the first surprises for us was that there was a soap box derby going on in town when we got there.

Marble Falls soap box derby

This time, Franklin joined us on our trip. One of the highlights being Pedernales Falls State Park where we hiked one day.

Franklin on a hike at Pedernales Falls State Park

We also visited Longhorn Cavern State Park which would be a great place to visit in the Summer. Unlike other caves in the area, it stays a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. Back in the day, they even had an exclusive dinner club located inside it!

Franklin enjoying the sites in Longhorn Cavern State Park

And at The Exotic Resort Zoo, Franklin made a friend. We went on a ride around the area and fed lots of animals from antelope to buffalo and ostriches.

Franklin's new friend from The Exotic Resort Zoo

He's not a big wine drinker, but that didn't stop Franklin from sampling some at Perissos Vineyards.

Franklin samples some wine from the Perissos Vineyards

Overall, it was a great time and would go back.

Board Games

One of the games we took with us on vacation was Tri-ominos which makes it out onto our table at home from time to time. A fun family game. I think the copy we have is one my wife had from when she grew up, so I'm not sure if the tiles are available in this color anymore.