One thing I didn't mention from my Utah trip is that I accidentally left my garage door opener in the rental car. Didn't realize that until we got back home.

Fortunately, I was able to instruct my Tesla to open the garage door as we also had not taken any house keys with us either.

I was able to have them grab it and get it mailed back to me, so at least I don't have to tell our landlords that we lost it and have to deal with that mess.


  • Samaritan is an okay film about a kid who thinks his neighbor may be a former superhero who was thought to have died long ago. Worth a watch if you are stuck inside on a rainy weekend.
  • Carter, on Netflix currently, is an insane one-shot style action film that just gets more and more wild and unbelievable as it goes along. The action is intense.

Reelhouse Foundation Films

  • Local Hero (1983) is about a town that seems desperate to sell out to an energy company that wants to buy them all out. Fun little movie.
  • Strings (2004) was my own recommendation. This is a beautiful movie with puppets, but in a world where the rules of puppets exist in a way never depicted before, as far as I know. For example, their strings inhibit their movement. Gates only need to block their strings. And if their strings are cut, they are maimed or can die. It's elevated even further by the impressive vocal talent and the amazing sets. Check out the trailer.
  • Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) is the first film in a series highlighting famous directors' first films. This one Justin Lin's first film, who went on to direct a lot of Fast & Furious films along with Star Trek Beyond. Really well directed and shot for a film on a small budget. The end packs a punch.

Regicide Card Game

Regicide on BoardGameArena

Regicide is a game you can play with just a normal deck of cards if you want to. It's you against the entire royal suit.

First, you battle all the Jacks,  Queens, and finally, the Kings. You attach them to reduce their health, then they attack you, forcing you to discard cards equal to their attack value.

Each suit has a different power to help you out. Clubs does double damage, spades reduce their attack, hearts shuffle in the discard pile, and diamonds let you draw additional cards. But watch out. The royal's suit disables that suit's ability. In the screenshot above, it's the Jack of Hearts, which disables any heart's special ability until you defeat him.

There are a few other rules, but that's the gist.

I've never won but gotten very close. It's an addictive game.