The time is really going by fast. I can't believe it's Fall already.  Rather than bore you with work stuff, let's get right into films and what was definitely the most exciting weekend for me since March.


  • Tenet was exciting because it was my first visit to a theater since this COVID business started. If you read my previous month's post, I saw half of the movie previously before power took the theater out. This time I got the entire thing. A spectacle to behold on the big screen, but I think I'll have to watch it a few more times to unravel it, or maybe watch an explanation on YouTube. Things jump around quite a bit and literally coming and going so it's a lot to catalog.
  • Pineapple Express has been on my watch list for a while and I finally got to check it out. Fun movie.
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a film I got from a friend which was wife-friendly. Felt it was just okay considering the oscar-winning director and actors behind it.
  • Manos: The Hands of Fate is possibly the worst film ever made. Like ever. It received it's notoriety after Mystery Science Theater 3000 aired a lampooning of it. It was the first film back at the Alamo for it's AGFA Secret Screening series. The film is pretty awful, so it was good that the attendeees could make it somewhat tolerable.
  • RGB is about our recently lost supreme-court judge and so it was a great time to watch this to see just how much impact she had both before and after becoming a judge. She did a whole lot more for women's rights that I ever knew.
  • Gully Boy is an Indian film some co-workers recommended. Really fun movie that's basically 8-Mile in India.
  • The FP is a very low budget film set in a world where rival gangs duke it out over Dance-Dance-Revolution competitions, sometimes to the death. Had to see this because...

FP Fest 2020

Jason Trost, director/creator/star of The FP and FP: Beats of Rage, put on a virtual conference to share the weekend with fans.

FP Fest 2020 cast panel

It was a fun-filled weekend just spending time with the creators of the film series. Learning about the costumes, judging costume and talent competitions and generally learning more about everything that went on behind-the-scenes.

An attendee showing off his Beat-Beat Revolution skills

My favorite session was when they showed the shorts Jason had made when he was a teenager that became the basis for the film. He had an incredible about of passion and determination for making the film into what it was, and what the series is still becoming.

What we'd all been waiting for, though, was the debut of the trailer for FP3: Escape from Bako.

FP3: Escape from Bako trailer

Trekking the World

This boardgame is one I just got, but played it first on BoardGameArena with my COVID gaming buddies.

The game plays a little like the maker's first game, Trekking the National Parks. This new one feels like they've ironed out some kinks and really streamlined gameplay. It's still a game that has its roots in Ticket to Ride, but with the theme of exploring areas of the world vs. just the national park system of the U.S.

Trekking the World on BoardGameArena

Really fun game. Definitely will be playing this with family.