I realize what I'm calling weeknotes are really turning out to be monthnotes instead. I'm really going to try to get back on a schedule of at least posts every few weeks from here on out. The next one may be a little delayed though because of some work travel.

At least Franklin is with me to keep me company.

Franklin on patrol with Batman


A lot of work travel is coming up. I'm already up in Philadelphia for an extended work trip that'll have me here another few weeks.

After that, there are two smaller trips to San Antonio, TX, then Boca Raton, FL.

Otherwise, things are moving forward normally hopefully growing both my own team and the overall department. So hard to find people right now.

At least Franklin found some friends at the office.

Frankin found friends at HQ


  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines was a film I've been meaning to watch and finally got a chance to. A whole lot more fun than I'd have ever thought it'd be.
  • Mausoleum (1983) I may have seen this as a kid and forgotten it. Now I've seen it again (maybe) and re-forgotten about it.
  • Ailey is about Alvin Ailey, of the famous dance school. I'd never really known much about him and this documentary does a great job of his biography and contributions to modern dance.
  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is my least favorite of the entire series of films. Being about Dracula turning into a human, there just didn't seem to be much life in the film.
  • Eternals was okay, but definitely one of my least favorite Marvel films from the past decade if not the least favorite.
  • Arahan (2004) Kung fu film with a number of good fight scenes. Kind of reminded me of some of the earlier Jackie Chan films with the mix of goofy comedy with the action.
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage was just so-so. Feels like if you wanted to skip one of the comic book films, the Venom movies are ones you could skip.
  • Free Guy is about a NPC (non-player character) in a video game that develops out of his programmed routine. Ryan Reynolds adds his typical comedic talent.

Reelhouse Foundation films

  • Toy Soldiers (1991) Die Hard at a military school.
  • Targets (1968) is pretty intense for a film from the late sixties. Basically about a guy who decides one day he's going to buy guns and kill people.

It was really great to attend an in-person Reelhouse event.  These two films were screened as part of their fifth-anniversary marathon. Both really good films from David Mamet.

  • The Spanish Prisoner (1997) pretty interesting con artist film.
  • Heist (2001) Another con artist film. This one's a bit better, especially with multiple con artists trying to con each other.

Gaia Project

Gaia Project on Board Game Arena

Gaia Project is a space/science-fiction themed game based on the game Terra Mystica. Having played Terra Mystica a bit made it easier to get into this game once you get a handle on the few variances between the two.

Just as fun as the original it may just come down to which theme we prefer in my board gaming group next time we play.