I've always loved comic books. My uncles collected them so my first exposure was through them and their collections.

In college, I actually wrote one titled Blade of Shuriken with artist Reggie Byers. The title didn't last very long, but something I've always been quite proud of. Definitely an example of taking a risk that paid off on my part.

During that time in the mid to late eighties, I attended a lot of comic book conventions around the Philly area. It was where I met and hung out occasionally with an up-and-coming comic artist, Tom Lyle.

Tom Lyle from how I remember him

I hung out with him at his table over a few years of comic book conventions. Mostly because he was just fun to talk to. I also admired his talent quite a bit, knowing he'd be doing more than just test pages for Marvel at some point. So I was also a bit of a regular customer for sketches.

While I lost touch with him after a while, I know he went on to a bit of a career as a penciler at both Marvel and DC Comics. Only recently did I learn he later became a teacher.

So it was with a bit of sadness that I learned of his recent passing.

While I don't recall much other than having a lot of fun talking with him, I do have an original test page of his he did for Marvel along with a number of sketches he did for me during our time together.

So long, Tom. We may have lost touch, but you'll never be forgotten.

From what I recall, this was a test page Tom Lyle did for Marvel
Tom Lyle Batman sketch
Sketch of Doc Samson from the Hulk by Tom Lyle
Other sketches Tom Lyle did for me back in the 80's