Here we are a few weeks into our new life for a while. Keeping our distance, staying home, and working from home, for those of us fortunate enough to still be working.

My life right now

COVID-19 has most countries around the globe shuttered within their homes.

My wife and I have become germaphobes. Quarantining our mail and things we get from the outside world. Sanitizing them prior to use.

When I venture out, typically for groceries and food, when people keep their social distancing to six feet as recommended, it feels like they are doing their job. I find myself looking at folks in slight disgust if they walk past me within that distance. It's like they think it's okay to break the rules if they are only passing by.

I really feel for the struggle a lot of businesses are going through. I am trying to still be a good customer for my favorite restaurants and coffee shops close by. Many have adjusted and seem like they will make it through. Some however, have shut down and I hope they return.

As for me, I still have a paying job. Since I work from home, my day-to-day personally, hasn't change at all. It's just that everyone I work with is working from home. Power Home Remodeling has had to put part of the company on pause, but seems will be able to keep what can function going even though the part they had to shut down is all revenue producing.

After work and weekends, my wife and I are just staying in like most others. We do get outside for walks. I miss going to the theater for movies, so I'll have to get some queued up assuming I can tear myself away from series on Netflix.

Top photo credit unsplash-logoMichael Weidner