I mentioned last time that we purchased a lot to build a house on. That's going to take a while.

The first thing we'll have to do is get someone to help design our house. We made the choice to work with Hass DesignWorks and are excited to get started. That won't be for another few months, but we have to wait for a topography and soil survey to complete before that starts anyway.

Topography example

Living close to our lot, we'll have the benefit of keeping a close eye on things. So we know someone's visited the lot to perform the on-site part of the surveys. At least we know they are in progress.

Ecstatic Dance

I wasn't overly familiar with these, but ecstatic dance parties are a thing. And they happen here in Sedona. My life loves to go to these things and sometimes convinces me to come along as well.

Sedona offers a pretty unique opportunity to dance among the red rocks. Generally, there'll be a DJ who brings music. In this latest case, it was a drum circle where whoever wanted to brought percussion instruments, flutes, horns, whatever, and everyone made their own music. And interesting, unique experience.

Ecstatic Dance Party in Sedona


Reelhouse Foundation Films

We started a series of films originally made for and aired on television.

  • Gargoyles (1972) is a film I saw way back when, but only remembered scenes and not the story. ¬†While not a great film, it certainly held up more than I thought it would.
  • The Day After (1983) is about what happens in a small everyman town in Kansas if a nuclear war broke out. It's more awful than most people think. The film is depressing, as it probably should be.
  • Bad Ronald (1974) After Ronald accidentally kills a girl from school accidentally, his mom decides it's best if they just build a secret room in their house and have him live there. You know, for when they eventually forget about it.

Bunny Kingdom

My group played Bunny Kingdom on BoardGameArena, and as you can see from the image below, those bunnies sure do multiply. It's a really fast-paced game, too. I'm sure we'll be playing it again.

The biggest benefit of playing online may be that the app keeps track of scoring, which entails lots of math.

Bunny Kingdom