Started off the new project for work this past week. Other than my explanation below, I likely won't talk much about work for the next few months unless something big happens.

As usual, I watched some films and played some board games.


At Power Home Remodeling, we have a large monolith application written in Ruby on Rails.

If you are still with me, we've been breaking that monolith up into a Component-Based Rails Application. Which means it's still a large application, but the parts within it have walls between them such that, if done right, they could be broken out into a mini or micro service. We don't plan to go that far, but the smaller chunks means we can run automated tests on components leading to a smaller overall test runtime.

A breakdown of components for a simple app. Ours is gargantuan in comparison.

Since our teams don't have bandwidth to focus on completing this process, I'm working with a couple of consultants from Ombulabs. We've worked with them before and were obviously happy enough with them that we've contracted with them again.

No idea how long that project will last, but I figure this will be my primary focus for a few months at least. And thus why I probably won't be giving you too many details about work because, well, it really won't be that interesting week-to-week.

May be interesting to code nerds out there, but maybe that's a separate post if anyone actually reads this and is interested.


  • Alita: Battle Angel was really fun. I liked it a lot, but I think that was mostly because I didn't let my expectations get too big before seeing it. While familiar with the source material, I didn't read but maybe the first few issues of the manga. I'll definitely be seeing this again, maybe in 3D. I don't purchase many films anymore, but I'll be purchasing this one.
  • The Predator came out last year but I missed it. It was underwhelming. Director and co-writer Shane Black is someone I think makes great films. The Nice Guys from a few years back was particularly good. The Predator is his worst film. Characters that are completely in service to the script in order to get from one action scene to the next.

Board Games

Pretty sure the Necromancer is laughing at me.

Darkest Night is still on my table simply because I haven't had enough time to play through the entire game yet. I am at the point where bad things are about to start happening at a much faster pace. That point where you realize, oh shit, I've been waisting my time doing this when I should have been that other thing.

Qwirkle Travel Edition

I just spent the afternoon with my brother-in-saw a couple of his buddies at a local bar for some BBQ and beverages. I wouldn't say I go out drinking a lot, but if you're curious, I do log what I drink at Untappd.

He brought along, Qwirkle, which I talked about last week and a new one I haven't played yet, A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King.

The game was fun. Quick game, easy to learn rules. We played it three times which was enough to feel like you can start to see strategies. I'll likely pick it up as it's a small game and easy to travel with.

Top photo credit unsplash-logoHéctor J. Rivas