Weeknotes 15 Mar 2019

Weeknotes 15 Mar 2019

The surprise of the week is that I found out yesterday that I need to be up in Philadelphia for a work trip the first part of next week. Unexpected travel.


Upgrading webpack is a pain. It was a pain this week and will persist into next week.

When we visited Utö, the most outer island of this beautiful archipelago in the place we call Finland, I allowed myself to be guided by the incredible energy of  Inca, the daughter of the family we were visiting there. She took me to a series of abandoned bunkers from the times this island was a military strategic point and there I found this graffiti that represent very well  the feeling of all that has to do with military, war, conflict and drama. 

With love from Korpo.
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor / Unsplash


Only saw a single film this week and that was...

  • Captain Marvel, the newest entry in the Marvel superhero films was just okay. I wasn't really expecting much and I don't feel I got that much either. It's gotten to the point where I feel like I do when watching a TV series. I'm kind of seeing this one because I don't want to miss an episode.


I didn't quite finish my game of Darkest Night. I simply lost interest in finishing. Mostly because it felt impossible to win. The deeper I got, the more it was apparent that I didn't play the first half of the game the way I should have. The game is good at providing distractions to draw your eye away from winning the game.

A Touch of Evil: Dark Gothic Deck Building Game

To take a break from the heavier games I felt like getting one out that was a bit quick. A Touch of Evil: Dark Gothic is a deck building game that's really fun. My set includes the expansion, Colonial Horror, which mostly adds a lot of cards. If you like deck builders like Star Realms, or games in the Legendary series, you should definitely check it out.

Top photo credit: unsplash-logoRene Böhmer
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