Weeknotes 2018 Nov 2

Weeknotes 2018 Nov 2

I'm somewhat back to a normal week in that every day of it has been a workday. What's still different is that my in-laws are still with us for a bit so my wife's days have been busy interacting with them.

Other than the extra people in the house, it doesn't impact my day too much. My wife and I are mostly getting backlogged on the television shows we typically watch.


We did all see a couple of films I'd already seen before. We watched Ant-Man and The Wasp, and last night, Big Trouble in Little China came on the tube and we all ended up watching the entire thing. Big Trouble always gets a laugh out of me no matter how many times I see it.


The entire family also enjoyed a game of Roll for It, which is a simple, luck-based dice-chunker that's a bit fun.

Roll For It from Calliope Games


My title is Solution Architect, and that typically means I should be focused on technical direction of our application. Not working on a team that's delivering distinct functionality.

My week typically entails enough distraction that it's hard to make progress on what I should be doing. I have a personal goal to at least dedicate 75% of my week towards my architectural duties. This is the first full week I've really started tracking that and I came in at around 50%.

That 50% felt like it was the majority of my week, but I've obviously got some focusing to do and likely a bit of saying No to some things.

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